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SUPCO88 Oil Additive
Introduced in 1954 and valued worldwide, this super lubricant is
a “must use” in repair and preventative maintenance programs.
• Compatible with all refrigeration oils
• Dissolves sludge buildup on bearing and valve surfaces
• Prevents binding of high speed compressors
• Prevents excess wear in motors and compressors
Part No.
Bottle Size
8 OZ.
16 OZ.

Application Notes:

To Prevent Excess Wear on Expansion Valves and Capillaries
Mix one part SUPCO88 to 9 parts refrigeration oil.
• Prevents excess wear on expansion valve needles and seats.
• Penetrates the pores of ALL moving metal parts of the expansion valve for constant lubrication.
Extend the Life of ALL Motors (i.e. for Blowers Air Conditioners)
• A few drops will help free a “frozen” or sticking motor shaft
• Mix 9 to one for regular bearing maintenance.
• Decreases “bearing to shaft” friction and sludge accumulation when mixed 9 to one.
More Efficiency for High Speed Compressors
• Increases the lubricating capability of mineral oils in high speed compressors.
• Used in new units to reduce current draw by reducing friction and preventing overloading.
• SUPCO 88 can be left in the system permanently.

Zoom Spout® Oiler
A paraffin base, non-gumming, high quality lubricating oil
• All-Purpose Lubricating Oil
• Flexible spout extends and retracts, adjusts to any “in-between” length
• Withstands high temperatures without breaking down
• Viscosity 92-99 @ 140°F
• Counter Display Case
• All types of motors, blowers, oil burner bearings, linkages, appliance pumps, etc…
• Normal and High speed shaft bearings
Rust Buster® Solvent

Dissolves Rust
• Telescoping Pullout Spout
• Loosens rust in seconds
• No lingering odor
• Counter Display Case

Part No.
Bottle Size
MO98 Zoom Spout
4 oz
MO44 Rust Buster
4 oz

SPOT-IT Leak Detector
• Produces a fluorescent bubble when a leak is detected
• Works in all pressurized systems (i.e. air, nitrogen, CO2, natural gas, etc..)
• Does not stain and is easily rinsed clean.
• A corrosion resistant agent on metal parts (when left to dry).
• Leak Locator Range: +40° to +200°F
Part No.
Bottle Size
8 oz with Dauber

KLEEN-AIR Odor Absorber
• Simply open the spout to absorb and remove all kinds of odors.
• One 8 ounce bottle works for 1 year in a 9’ x 12’ room
Part No.
Bottle Size
8 OZ
8 OZ
*KA36 case is a counter display 13" x 13" x 15"

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