FAQ's - Recorders
What is the maximum extension?
25 feet, use CABLE10H
2 There is a 4-hour difference from the red pen & blue pen, which pen do you use as your time mark?
With any two pen recorder their will be a difference. You need to designate one pen or the other as a time mark.
1 Maximum extension is 25 ft, use CABLE10H
Channel A (pen) reading ok. Channel B (pen) is staying on outside edge. But digital display is right. Check chart speed and chart.
1 The LED is blinking on & off, but the temperature is correct? The unit is running on battery.
1 What type of sensor wire is used? A solid state temperature sensing device is used. Older units did use type "J" thermocouple wire.
2 Can additional internal adjustments be made?
No, all adjustments are on the front of the unit. All calibrations must be done @ the factory or the warranty will be voided.
3 Which direction does the chart rotate? CCW
4 How is the CR87B used in an automobile or marine application? Use a cigar lighter adapter with a 2 mm sized connector. These can be purchased at any type of electrical supplier.
1 How do the sensors plug in & how long are they? Standard phone jack is used. Voltage is 1 foot, light & sound have no lead. Cable lead is 6 foot.
2 How far can the cables be ran? 50 foot max
1 What is the response time? 2 - 3 samples per second
1 Can this unit record 115/240 volts? No, this unit measures Millivolts & Milliamps. This device records the value of transducers. Use the "DLAV" or "DLAC" to record actual Voltage or Amperage.
2 Can it be scaled (0-200)? How many digits? No it cannot be scaled. (use the DL420). It has 3 digits.
Custom Series
1 Has a built in Bi Metal Sensor.
That is similar to a Bi Metal T/stat.
1 Rated @ 12VDC on power pak.
1 After weekend down time, recorder is stopped. Pens are homed w/ LCD readouts? Interruption of service, breaker maybe be tripped, try different outlet.
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