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SW-ALCU5.5--Al-Cop Braze™ - Aluminum to Copper Brazing 5 Rod Pack


  • HVAC applications with Brass, Copper, Aluminum and Steel
  • Is effective with any of these heat sources: Oxy-acetylene torch, Natural gas torch, MAPP Gas, Induction
  • Joining all brazable grades of aluminum and copper; Aluminum to Aluminum or Aluminum to Copper wire pigtail splices; Aluminum to Copper, Aluminum to Brass or plated terminals
  • Solution temperature during heat treating must be below the solidus of the braze alloy in order to ensure integrity of the joint is maintained.
  • Where it is desirable to attain flow into tight capillary joints
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Quantity per pack: 5 EA
Package Weight: 0.08 lbs.
Rod Length: 8 inches
Packaging: 8.35 x.09 dia plastic tube
Shelf Life: 2 years at ambient temp.
Density (Lbs/in³): 0.19
Recommended Brazing Temp.: 950-1000°F (510-537°C)
Liquidus: 905°F (471°C)
Solidus: 826°F (441°C)
Appearance: Silver-Colored with White Flux Channel
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Replacement Part:AluxCor 78-22
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Manufacturer :Harris Product Group

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