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SW-MS09305K--Multi Sol™ - Low Temp Dissimilar Metals Bonding Rods

Multi Sol™ is a Tin-Zinc-Cadmium multipurpose solder developed specifically to join and repair Aluminum, Aluminum/Copper, Brass /Copper and multiple dissimilar metals. In most cases, the repair is stronger than the original metal.


  • Lower melting temp point makes delicate repair work easier and more effective without the dangerous heat transfer.
  • Forms very strong joints on most metals, including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, White Metal or Pot Metal, Pewter, Copper, Brass, and Galvanized Steel.
  • Can be plated with Chrome, Nickel, or Copper. In most cases, the repair is stronger than the original metal.
  • Use any heat source: Oxy-acetylene torch, Natural gas torch, Propane torch, Heat gun, Soldering iron
  • WARNING: Prop 65 info
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Quantity per pack: 5 ea
Package Weight: 0.22 lbs.
Rod Length: 18 inches
Packaging: 18.5 x.09 dia plastic tube
Shelf Life: 2 years
Density (cu. in.): 7.643 lbs./cu. in.
Recommended Brazing Temp.: 250-500°F (100-260°C)
Liquidus: 350-500°F (176-260°C)
Solidus: 200°F (95°C)
Appearance: Gray
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