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SW-SS0003S--Premium 0% Sil-Phos Brazing Rod (18" Long, 3 Rod Pack)

For copper to copper connections. Flows quickly at brazing temp. Requires <0.005" close joint tolerance. Similar to the copper base metal, but phosphorus containing alloys. Should not use if braze is exposed to sulfur or sulfur compounds in service.


  • The self fluxing property of this filler metal is effective on copper only.
  • For copper-base alloys, such as brass or bronze, the joints should be fluxed.
  • Should not be used on nickel-base and iron-base alloys, as the phosphorus reacts with the nickel or iron to form brittle compounds at the interface of the joints.
  • Should not be used where the joints are exposed to sulfur compounds, especially in gases or oils at temperatures above normal room temperature.
  • Exposure to pressured steam can also result in accelerated corrosion.
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Electrical Resistivity (Microhm-cm): 19.2
Electrical Conductivity (%IACS): 9.9
Quantity per pack: 3
Weight: 0.12 lb.
Rod Length: 18 inches
Packaging: 18.5x.09 dia plastic tube
Shelf Life: Lifetime
Density (Lbs/in³): 0.3
Recommended Brazing Temp.: 1345-1500°F (730-816°C)
Liquidus: 1460°F (793°C)
Solidus: 1310°F (710°C)
Appearance: Copper
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Replacement Part:Harris 0
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Manufacturer :Harris Product Group

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