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SW-SS1512K--Sil Sol - Premium 15% Sil-Phos Brazing Rod

Developed primarily for use on copper, but its use has extended to other nonferrous copper based alloys. Used extensively on refrigeration units, air conditioning apparatus, electrical conductors, copper and brass fittings and copper to brass equipment.


  • Exposure to pressured steam can also result in accelerated corrosion.
  • For copper-base alloys, such as brass or bronze, the joints should be fluxed.
  • Should not be used on nickel-base and iron-base alloys, as the phosphorus reacts with the nickel or iron to form brittle compounds at the interface of the joints.
  • Should not be used where the joints are exposed to sulfur compounds, especially in gases or oils at temperatures above normal room temperature.
  • The self fluxing property of this filler metal is effective on copper only.
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Type: Round
Electrical Resistivity (Microhm-cm): 9.9
Electrical Conductivity (%IACS): 14.4
Rod Length: 18 inches
Weight: 1/2 lb.
Packaging: 20x.09 dia plastic tube
Shelf Life: Lifetime
Density (Lbs/in³): 0.31
Recommended Brazing Temp.: 1545-1595°F (840-868°C)
Liquidus: 1495°F (812°C)
Solidus: 1190°F (643°C)
Appearance: Gray
Quantity per pack: 13
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