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SW-SS5602K--Sil Sol 56% ™- 56% Silver Solder Flux Covered Rod

The cadmium free, high silver content makes Sil Sol 56% the ultimate choice for joining ferrous and nonferrous metals. Ideal for food and pharmaceutical as well as general industrial use.


  • Can be used on tubing, instruments, switches, ornamental trim, hospital equipment and laboratory equipment
  • Heat Source: Oxy-acetylene torch, Natural gas torch
  • Universal alloy for general maintenance and repair, now with reduced charring
  • Use for joining and repairing stainless steel components, especially when color match is critical.
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Quantity per pack: 2 ea
Weight: 0.14 lbs.
Rod Length: 18 inches
Packaging: 18.5x.09 dia plastic tube
Shelf Life: Lifetime - Flux may begin to come off
Recommended Brazing Temp.: Approx. 1200°F (660°C)
Liquidus: 1200°F (660°C)
Solidus: 500°F (930°C)
Appearance: Pink
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Replacement Part:Safety -Silv 56%
Part Description:
Manufacturer :Harris Product Group

Replacement Part:Silvaloy 560
Part Description:
Manufacturer :Lucas Milhaupt

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