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Express Torch 5/6/2015

Introducing the ET478 Express Torch, this is a self-lighting hand torch with an ergonomic pistol grip. SUPCO® is the Exclusive Master Distributor for Express Torch, a French company that has been manufacturing and selling torches for more than 100 years. The ET478’s integrated igniter allows for instant start with one hand. Light hand held weight reduces fatigue while working overhead or in an awkward position. Multi-tips (ET4728 included) are available to adapt the torch heat output to the job application. No need to unpack any acetylene tank, 12 or more feet of hose, torch and striker to wrestle. There is no other torch on the market that has everything the Express Torch offers. The available belt clip and extension hose hold a standard 14.1 oz Map//Pro™ cylinder. The 6 foot extension hose allows exceptional ease of use.