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SB1 Series Quick Connect Refrigerant Fittings are FLAME FREE, Tool FREE and Problem FREE! /they are available as couplers, (45 & 90°) elbows and flares for 1/4" to 7/8" copper tubing. No brazing, tools or nitrogen purge needed for installation.


  • Approved for Hard Drawn Copper: 1/4" - 7/8" Type ACR, M, L, K
  • Approved for Hard Soft Copper (Annealed): 1/4" - 7/8" Type ACR, L, K
  • Approved Refrigerants - R134a, R404A, R290, R407A, R600a, R507, R22, R410A, R32, R407C
  • C3771 Brass Body
  • UL Listed 207, SA #44910 SDTW(7)
  • Vibration Resistant Rating UL 1963
  • WARNING: Prop 65 info
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Connection Thread: None
Outside Diameter (Inch): 1.181
Length (Inch): 2.244
Connection Size (Inch): 0.625
O-Ring Material: Chloroprene
Fitting Material: C3771, Polycarbonate
Compatibility-Tubing Tolerance: ASTM B280, UNI EN 12735
Vacuum Pressure Capability: 30 Microns
Minimum Burst Pressure : 3600 PSI / 250 Bar
Maximum Rated Pressure (MRP): 870 PSI / 60 Bar
O-Ring Temperature: -40°F / 250°F (-40°C / 121°C)
Continuous Operating Temperature: 250°F / 121°C
Non-Potable Water
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Can the fittings be removed and reinstalled on the same spot of tubing?: The fitting can be installed onto the same spot if the tube is properly sanded and cleaned, removing any etch marks, or replace onto a clean section of tubing.
What is the warranty on SB1 fittings?: A 5?year limited warranty policy which is available upon request.
The SBLM1458 depth gauge only goes up to 5/8” so how do I mark 3/4” & 7/8” tubing?: Part number SBLMDC3478 is a combo tool, combining both a depth gauge and a disconnect tool
Do SB1s need to be replaced when retrofitting to a lower GWP refrigerant?: Yes. The compression set of the super neoprene o?rings may be compromised when transitioning from one refrigerant to another. Always install new fittings.
What is the #1 cause of problems with the SB1 fittings ?: Not reading/following the installation instructions
Can SB1s be used with aluminum, steel or stainless steel tubing?: No, only copper to copper connections
What is the shelf life of the fittings?: The manufacturer sets the shelf life @ 30+ years
Do the fittings need to be insulated after an install?: Yes, just as you would with any other fitting where it would be subject to condensation.