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Electronic Potential Relay/Start Capacitor Combination Hard Start Kit with electronic timing circuit


  • Backup electronic timing circuit to protect the compressor
  • Can be used on PSC and CSIR type compressors
  • Easy 2-wire installation
  • Electronic potential relay (EPR) technology
  • Instant re-start
  • NATE® Recognized (Course #1867-0002)
  • UL® Recognized File E146162
  • Voltage sensing
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Operating Voltage(VAC): 170 to 277 VAC
Recommended Range (hp): 1/2 to 3 HP
Capacitor size (µF): 88 to 106 MFD
Hard starting compressors
Low voltage situations
Use on any single phase air-conditioner or refrigeration unit
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Can the hard start be mounted sideways?: No, hard starts should always be upright.
Are the wire leads polarity sensitive?: No
Where do I attach the (2) wires? (Always disconnect power before installation): Attach (1) wire to Common, and the other to the Hermetic terminal on the Run Cap.