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SW-MSF2--Multi Sol Liquid Flux™ - Flux for Dissimilar Metal Soldering

Multi Sol Liquid Flux™ has been designed specifically for the low temperature soldering of Aluminum to Aluminum, Copper, and most dissimilar metals including Pot Metal. This flux is golden colored, chloride-free, and organic based.


  • Contains 56-60% active ingredients consisting of amines and complex inorganic fluorides.
  • Effective fluxing action occurs at 350-550°F (177-288°C). Be aware the flux will char or burn at temperatures above 550°F (288°C).
  • Applications include: Aluminum to Aluminum or Aluminum to Copper wire pigtail splices, Aluminum to Copper, Aluminum to Brass or plated terminals, Hot dip coating of Aluminum cable connectors to provide a low resistance contact surface, Where it is desirab
  • Recommended soldering alloys: Multi-Sol ™ - Tin-Zinc-Cadmium Solder Rods
  • NOTE: Residue is electrically conductive and slightly corrosive. We recommend that user remove any residue with hot water or alcohol and a clean rag.
  • The information in the specifications tab below represents the physical properties of Multi Sol Flux™. Many factors, such as materials, temperature, and method of application determine the most effective flux. We recommend testing appropriate fluxes
  • WARNING: Prop 65 info
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Packaging: 0.7 oz. bottle
Shelf Life: 2 years unopened at ambient temp.
Weight Per Gallon: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
Flash Point: 230°F (110°C)
Boiling Point: 273°F (134°C)
Corrosion Resistance: Fair
pH: Slightly Alkaline
Solubility: Soluble in water
Appearance: Clear gold-colored viscous syrup with ammonia odor
Viscosity: 1050 cps #3 spindle, 20 rpm
Active Temperature Range: 350-550°F (177-288°C)
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