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Dual Port, High Resolution, FAST Response Digital Vacuum Gauge with Convenient built-in Hanger.


  • Auto shut-off
  • Cleaning port provides quick cleaning and drying of sensor
  • Convenient built-in hanger
  • Display Updates every 1/2 second
  • Easy to clean sensor (use isopropyl alcohol)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Reads Vacuum in Seven International Units
  • Ultra Fine Resolution( 1 Micron when vacuum is less than or equal to 200 microns)
  • WARNING: Prop 65 info
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Sensor type: Thermistor
Connector type: Standard 1/4" male flared fitting
Vacuum range: 0-19,000 microns
Parameter scale: Microns, PSI, mBars, Pascals, Torr, mTorr
Best resolution: 1 micron(for 0-200 microns)
Operating temperature range: 32°F to 150°F (0°C to 65°C)
Overpressure: 800 psi max
Accuracy: +/- 10% (100-2000 microns)
Power source: 3 AA battery (Not included)
Fitting: 1/4" SAE Flare Fitting , 45° thread
Air conditioning or refrigeration system evacuation
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Is Temp out of range repairable in the field?: No, it will need to be replaced by the distributor it was purchased from.
Does the sensor need to be cleaned?: Yes. The gauge works best with periodic cleaning.
Can the gauge be hooked up in line? : Yes it can but the accuracy will drop and it will have to be cleaned more often.
When I hook up the VG64 to a new vacuum pump and isolate the pump, I get an initial reading of 440 microns and then a quick rise to 1200 microns?: Always use vacuum hoses not charging hoses as they permeate and leak. Also new hoses have gas in them, so they must be gassed out. If this procedure is not followed, the gases in the hoses will cause a rise in vacuum readings once the vacuum pump is shut off.
When I compare the VG64 to my manifold gauges, the VG64 shows changes but the manifold does not show any changes?: The VG64 is more sensitive than the manifold, which will not show defined changes in system.
After evacuation the system goes down to 1350 microns. The vac pump is shut off and isolated, about an hour later the VG64 fell to 650 Microns? : The VG64 is temperature compensated, this could have been caused by a leaky valve in the manifold or ball valve in the hose.
My vacuum gauge screen reads 'Calibrating', is it OK to use?: Self calibration can take as long as 30 seconds and is performed every 15 minutes or when the VG64 senses a large ambient temperature change. When the unit is self calibrating and "Calibrating" is displayed, the vacuum value will not change.
There are no numbers on the display, just 3 dashes?: 3 dashes indicate the gauge has not pulled down below 19000 microns, it is still reading at atmosphere.
Gauge is reading 'S-Err', is there anything to do to correct this?: No, 'S-Err' is an internal firmware error. Return to the distributor for (2 years from date of purchase) warranty replacement.
Could not hold a stable reading, even when blocked off from a system. It seems to have an internal leak that prevents a consistent vacuum. Is Gauge possibly leaking, can't get accurate reading?: SUPCO VG64 does not function in the same manner as most vacuum gauges. This is due to the more sensitive sensor used in VG64, it is always calculating any moisture in the system, as we as any Outgassing that is present. In light of this, once isolated, the readings will gradually increase, then level off. The leveled off micron reading will be higher than the pulled down number. If a leak was present, the reading would go all the way back up to atmosphere (ATM).