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SW-HVAK--Brazing Pack

The kit comes with Sil Sol 56% brazing rods. It also includes; Brand New, nothing like it on the market, Al-Cop Rod. This product is exclusively available in the HVAC All-In-One Kit, and once you work with it, you will never look back!


  • Al-Cop brazing rods provide a unique Aluminum to Copper brazing rod with a flux core that makes brazing Aluminum to Copper line sets quick and easy. Strong bonds that will endure the life of the fittings, a complete fix that will withstand the test of ti
  • Alloy Sol aluminum repair and joining rods flow at half the melting temp of Aluminum and provides a repair at 30,000 PSI welding pressure. The Flux decontaminates the aluminum repair area so there is no need for pre-cleaning and it even works through pain
  • Alloy Sol Flux is a powdered flux used for brazing aluminum and aluminum based alloys. The flux wets the joining surfaces thoroughly and prevents the entrapment of aluminum oxide inclusions in the joints. It can be used as supplied or mixed with water to
  • Sil-Sol 56% silver solder flux is the best siver solder on the market. The Refrigeration Industry loves it for dissimilar metals, copper, brass, and stainless steel. The bonds are rated at 75,000 PSI and it flows so well that not much of the rod is needed
  • Stainless Steel Wire Brush
  • Watertight Canister
  • WARNING: Prop 65 info
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Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Packaging: 19 x 3.5" dia
Sil Sol 56 - More Information: See SW-SS5602K on our website for more information
Sil Sol 56 - Recommended Brazing Temp.: Approx. 1200°F (660°C)
Sil Sol 56 - Liquidus: 1200°F (660°C)
Sil Sol 56 - Solidus: 500°F (930°C)
Alloy-Sol Flux - More Information: See SW-ASF1 on our website for more information
Alloy-Sol Flux - Appearance: White Powder
Alloy-Sol Flux - Active Temperature Range: 650-1280°F (345-690°C)
Alloy-Sol Rod - More Information: See SW-AS09305K on our website for more information
Alloy-Sol Rod - Recommended Brazing Temp.: 600-700°F (315-371°C)
Alloy-Sol Rod - Liquidus: 1080°F (582°C)
Alloy-Sol Rod - Solidus: 580°F (305°C)
Al-Cop Braze - More Information: See SW-ALCU5K on our website for more information
Al-Cop Braze - Recommended Brazing Temp.: 950-1000°F (510-537°C)
Al-Cop Braze - Liquidus: 905°F (471°C)
Al-Cop Braze - Solidus: 826°F (441°C)
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